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This page was last updated: May 22, 2019

October 24, 2018 Hi Fellow Cutters!

Our cutting year is completed and the banquet too! Congratulations to all the award winners. It was fun to see everyone receiving their awards and enjoying the great dinner Tate & Tate provided. We missed those of you that couldn’t attend.
The elections are completed also. Thank you everyone for taking the time to vote, it is important that you get your vote counted. Kristina Bierly is your new president, Bob Kerby will continue as vice president and Carina Peterson as treasurer. Donell Barber will remain as Secretary. (paid position) The remaining board members are Kristen Gulick, Mark McNair, Char Cromwell, Pepie Bieker, Marci Aplin Scott and Marie Leehmann. I will remain on for one year as past president.
Your new board is a great one and will do a thoughtful job for you. It is important that you communicate with your board members and voice your opinion. I encourage anyone that would like to voice a complaint or see a change to think it through enough to have some suggestions for solution or change.
One of the areas we really need to work on is numbers! We need more cutters!!! I would love to see more beginners and kids participating. Any ideas on how to make this happen are appreciated. Bring your friends and get them hooked on the sport.
I want to thank everyone for a great year as president of the club. Please support your new board and help them be successful.

Let’s go cutting!!
Marcea DeGregorio
2018 President/2019 past Pres
COCHA announcement: 2019 NCHA Challenger Series Cutting                                     March 2019

COCHA Members:

Your Board of Directors is proud to announce that the 2019 COCHA Summer Series shows will be NCHA Challenger Series Cutting approved. The decision was considered over a good period of time and is introduced with best-serving the membership in mind.
The stated purpose of COCHA is that “the Association shall act as a nonprofit, unincorporated association having as its principle purpose to provide members an opportunity to enjoy the sport of cutting and to gain experience in an environment which promotes competition and learning.” That really speaks to what the Challenger Series bring to the membership:

- “an opportunity to enjoy the sport of cutting” translates into having fun. The Challenger Series Cutting format is designed to keep the format for local cutting associations in much the same way they operate now. Having fun affordably is the goal.

- “to gain experience” in show conditions. There is no substitute for preparation, riding to the herd, and putting your hand down in the show arena – truly “On the Job Training”.

- “promotes competition and learning” through understanding the rules and learning what it takes to get your horse shown to the best of his/her ability.

The NCHA is already found in our Bylaws and Rules for judging, show attire and zero tolerance guidelines for animal abuse. Challenger gives us a common set of standards to go by that complement the COCHA purpose and does so in a manner that encourages continuing improvement. We already follow NCHA rules except where specifically modified to fit COCHA exceptions.
There are benefits to us as NCHA provides insurance for approved events. Regional awards are available and determined on a points basis rather than a dollar basis. Standings will be found on the NCHA website ( Money won will count toward lifetime and eligibility earnings on horse and rider. To receive credit for the Challenger Series, we must have 3 riders in the designated classes. COCHA will still hold the class with less than 3 entries and this will count towards COCHA year end standings and jackpot, it just would not count towards Challenger Series.

Our shows will be jackpot shows rather than added money shows. This helps control the costs while still providing some frosting on the cake for those who choose to throw their hat in the ring. We will be able to retain our non-NCHA approved classes at the shows (500 Rider, Ranch Cutter and Reined Class).
For those who have never been an NCHA member or were not a current member in 2018, there is a one year “free introductory” membership. Being a member gives you additional opportunities to increase your cutting education.

Your Board and Officers are pleased and excited to take this step and join Southern Oregon CHA and Columbia River in offering the NCHA Challenger Series Cuttings in Oregon. 

We look forward to seeing you in March at the first show!

Kristina Bierly, President
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