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This page was last updated: January 24, 2018

JANUARY 24, 2018

Happy new year fellow cutters!! 

I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and looking forward to the 2018 year and cutting season.

We had our first practice last Saturday (1/20) and it was well attended. The weather was perfect and the cattle were good. Hope to see more faces at the February & March practices, weather permitting!

Our schedule is posted on the website so mark your calendars. We will continue to have potluck lunches at the practices and shows as long as people continue to bring the goodies.

I am sad to report that we lost a couple of members during the winter:
Roger Freeborn passed away in November while vacationing with his wife Mary in the Caribbean. He was a big advocate for the club and always willing to help with his beautiful talents in forging and creating! He will be missed by many both in the cutting pen and as a friend. A celebration of life will be held in the spring or summer. (See Rogers obituary on the COCHA website)

Vickie Matney also reported that one of our long-ago members, Wayne Theroux passed away 1-16-18. He left the area in 1992 and moved to Texas and then Oklahoma. He showed a beautiful Palomino mare, Goldwood Pistol and also his stud, Trophys Nugget.

We have had 2 board meetings and have things well under way. Pepie will be sending out a survey regarding some proposed changes. Please take the time to respond. This is your club and we want to be sure we take everyone’s wishes and ideas into consideration.
I will act as a liaison between COCHA and the Oregon Club. Working together and communicating will enable us to better coordinate our activities and be sure we are good stewards, working with Tom Norton to maintain both the ground and the facility.

As I was rushing out to the practice yesterday to get the coffee started, after realizing that I had taken the coffee pot home after the last show to scrub, I had an idea… We could use a “hospitality” committee that was responsible for setting up the coffee/potluck and cleaning up after. I am thinking that it would only take 2 people per event. One to set up and one to take down. Please let me, or another board member know if you would be willing to do this once. We have enough members that a person should only have to take one shift during the year.

As I said above, this is your club! Please be sure to communicate with the board if you have any ideas or changes you would like to see implemented. We want this to be a fun filled positive adventure for everyone. We also encourage new members from beginners to old pros! We need more cutters to keep the sport growing in Oregon.

Hope to see you all at the next practice,

Marcea DeGregorio
COCHA President